Shopmag: Your personal shopping medium

There’s a new must see in Fashionland! Imagine… The ability to always have one (social) fashion shopping medium with you  ..and order your favorite finds in a blink of an eye. Imagine… ..Creating your personal fashion and lifestyle “magazines” (moodboards) … Lees verder

West Jet: Christmas Miracle, Real Time Giving

Originally posted on AdPitch Blog:
This is awesome and if you don’t feel remotely festive yet this will make you! It did for me! West Jet are an airline who decided to grant people their christmas wishes, with a bit…

Pharrell’s interactive 24 hour music video of Happy

You’re probably up-to-date when it comes to the latest songs in the POPcharts.. ..but do you actually know the music video? There’s a big chance that you don’t.. So why not do things  differently? Pharrell took the first step by … Lees verder

TBT – Mountain DEW Skate Pinball

What do you do to stand out when you are a soft drink company with a small market share in a high competitive market? Well you sure know that you have to do something big! Today on Throw Back thursday … Lees verder

London citytour with Real Life instagram

INSTAGRAM.. that is famous for it’s polaroid look and feel was the inspiration for this simple and creative new citytour. A Brazilian artist ( Bruno Ribeiro a.k.a. @Nitchows) has been turning London landmarks, such as Piccaddily Gardens, St. paul and … Lees verder

Buckle up to get down: Virgin America’s new Safety Video #VXSafetydance

  When your travel by plane there is always this boring moment called “the safety instructions“… ….the endless repetition of putting your seatbelt on and switch off any electronic device during take-off and landing.. You would say  been-there-done-that, but nothing … Lees verder

Tv Commercial – Believe in Magic & Sparkle: Marks & Spencer

With the holidays approaching Marks & Spencer embraces the xmas spirit. + with a bit of David Gandy and rosie huntington-whiteley thrown in I could say there’s lots of sparkle..

C&A integrates realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores

Sometimes the opinions of others can be quite usefull, especially when you shop! C&A came up with a whole new concept visualizing the style of fashionista’s around the world by integrating realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores. A promising new concept. … Lees verder