The best viral christmas card: Xmas jammies


How can a holly jolly christmas jammies rap go viral in one week and get over 7 million hits??

Here are some lessons we can learn from the Holderness family.

1) make it original
Christmas video’s/cards etc are usually the most corny thing in the year. World peace and prosperity and the whole family is wearing it’s sunday best.
But how about break with this christmas tradition and make your own? Let’s think out of the box, where even PJ’s are allowed

2) make it personal
The great thing about the xmasjammies video is that it is personal. You get to know the familymembers loves, achievements and milestones of the past year.
This way the audience feels more connected and is more involved while watching the video.

3) make it catchy
Music is a great way to get peoples attention and send a message.
It gives a catchy feelgood vibe to the message, but also makes sure that you will probably sing ” wearing xmas jammies” all day!

4) let them laugh
FUN is probably the most important factor in this video.
As the singing in the rain song says:

“Make ‘em laugh
Don’t you know everyone wants to laugh?

My dad said “Be an actor, my son
But be a comical one
They’ll be standing in lines
For those old honky tonk monkeyshines”

Now you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite
And you can charm the critics and have nothin’ to eat
Just slip on a banana peel
The world’s at your feet
Make ‘em laugh ”

So how will you make your video go viral?



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