Pharrell’s interactive 24 hour music video of Happy

You’re probably up-to-date when it comes to the latest songs in the POPcharts.. ..but do you actually know the music video? There’s a big chance that you don’t.. So why not do things  differently? Pharrell took the first step by … Lees verder

CHINEASY the new way of learning chinese by using images and design

While many business professionals agree that China is the future, handling the Chinese language is still a struggle for many foreigners.. Therefore Chineasy developed a whole new idea: using IMAGES.. A chinese character is as we know very complex, but … Lees verder

parody Bound 3: GREAT PR STUNT

You must have seen the clip of Kanye West starring Kim Kardashian.. …The clip got some critical comments due to the surreal acting and special effects inspired by the ’80s.. ..Nevertheless James Franco & Seth Rogen got bored during the … Lees verder

Buckle up to get down: Virgin America’s new Safety Video #VXSafetydance

  When your travel by plane there is always this boring moment called “the safety instructions“… ….the endless repetition of putting your seatbelt on and switch off any electronic device during take-off and landing.. You would say  been-there-done-that, but nothing … Lees verder

the real PLANES experience: spectacular pre-screening on board of an KLM airplane

On October 2, KLM gave 300 kids the experience of a lifetime. The lucky kids were invited to a truly spectacular pre-screening of the new Disney film Planes. What made the event extra special was its location: on board of … Lees verder

From villains to superheroes: Disney goes Dolce & Gabbana

On the day of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Disney Company, Lucio Palmieri pays tribute to the factory of dreams by transforming some of the most iconic characters from the cartoons into fashion icons. #ILLUSTRATION #DOLCE&GABBANA WOMENSWEAR Who said … Lees verder

inMESSIonante: from marketing strategy to dictionary

with the  great victory of the Dutchies vs. Hungary during the Fifa World Cup 2014 qualifications in mind (8-1), I couldn’t resist to share this marvelous campaign from Pepsico. #unadjectivoparamessi Not only did this campaign reach over 18 million people … Lees verder

Carrie: The best telekinetic guerrilla marketing prank

Out of the box thinking is more than just a phrase… It might be a supernatural power.. For the promotion of the classic Horror film “Carrie” the visitors at ‘Snice Cafe in New York City’s West Village witnessed that a … Lees verder