DITZO: Watch and support cancer research


Ditzo a health insurance company in the Netherlands was inspired by the recently (failed) PR stunt of Trijntje Oosterhuis..

…who was donating €1,-  to the philippines for every retweet of her post ( but because of an overload of retweets couldn’t pay the amount). So Ditzo was determined to do it differently ( as they say in Holland: Niet DATZO maar DITZO..)

..So DITZO was smart enough to set a limit.., but still the idea is simple and effective..

Instead of producing an expensive commercial, Ditzo wants this money to be spend on cancer research and will donate €1,- for every view  and €2,- for every share of this lowbudget commercial starring soccer player John de Wolf

So will you join the fight against cancer by clicking or sharing this link http://www.kijkkankerdewerelduit.nl/ ? 


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