Shopmag: Your personal shopping medium

There’s a new must see in Fashionland! Imagine… The ability to always have one (social) fashion shopping medium with you  ..and order your favorite finds in a blink of an eye. Imagine… ..Creating your personal fashion and lifestyle “magazines” (moodboards) … Lees verder

Giant Louis Vuitton trunk removed from Moscow’s Red Square

A giant Louis Vuitton trunk bearing the French luxury brand’s iconic “LV” monogram will be removed from Moscow’s Red Square after it triggered a media debate and outrage among many Russians. The two-storey-high trunk, measuring nine metres in height by … Lees verder

From villains to superheroes: Disney goes Dolce & Gabbana

On the day of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Disney Company, Lucio Palmieri pays tribute to the factory of dreams by transforming some of the most iconic characters from the cartoons into fashion icons. #ILLUSTRATION #DOLCE&GABBANA WOMENSWEAR Who said … Lees verder