Shopmag: Your personal shopping medium

shopmag achtergrond

There’s a new must see in Fashionland!


The ability to always have one (social) fashion shopping medium with you 
..and order your favorite finds in a blink of an eye.


..Creating your personal fashion and lifestyle “magazines” (moodboards)
… and the ability to inspire your fellow ” Maggers”


..Being 24/7  up-to-date of the latest fashion & Lifestyle trends through you smartphone

In Holland this dream became true with Shopmag.

Your personal shopping medium
Shopmag is your personal shopping medium.
Unlike other moodboard media Shopmag gives you the possibility to actually buy everything that you “magg” ( add) to your magazines.
And all the products are guaranteed to deliver to your country. So you will never be disappointed anymore when you can’t buy the “green scarf” of your dreams!

Shopping has never been so much fun!
So, SPOT your musthaves, DESIGN your “magazines”, SHARE with your fellow “Maggers” and BUY your favorite products!
Personality is yours.

See for yourselves! Go to

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