Pharrell’s interactive 24 hour music video of Happy

You’re probably up-to-date when it comes to the latest songs in the POPcharts.. ..but do you actually know the music video? There’s a big chance that you don’t.. So why not do things  differently? Pharrell took the first step by … Lees verder

CHINEASY the new way of learning chinese by using images and design

While many business professionals agree that China is the future, handling the Chinese language is still a struggle for many foreigners.. Therefore Chineasy developed a whole new idea: using IMAGES.. A chinese character is as we know very complex, but … Lees verder

London citytour with Real Life instagram

INSTAGRAM.. that is famous for it’s polaroid look and feel was the inspiration for this simple and creative new citytour. A Brazilian artist ( Bruno Ribeiro a.k.a. @Nitchows) has been turning London landmarks, such as Piccaddily Gardens, St. paul and … Lees verder

C&A integrates realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores

Sometimes the opinions of others can be quite usefull, especially when you shop! C&A came up with a whole new concept visualizing the style of fashionista’s around the world by integrating realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores. A promising new concept. … Lees verder

Tommy Hilfiger’s embraces crossmedia marketing with fall/winter campaign 2013; Cärpe-díem mañana

Fall 2013 cärpe-díem mañana ; The Hilfigers – the beloved all-American family at the heart of the brand’s marketing strategy- are going back to their origin. The new campaign finds Chloe setting off for college, and when one of the The Hilfigers’ youngest … Lees verder