Giant Louis Vuitton trunk removed from Moscow’s Red Square


A giant Louis Vuitton trunk bearing the French luxury brand’s iconic “LV” monogram will be removed from Moscow’s Red Square after it triggered a media debate and outrage among many Russians.

The two-storey-high trunk, measuring nine metres in height by 30 metres in length (30 feet by 100 feet), was designed to house an exhibit on the travellers who have used LV luggage in the past. It was timed to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Italian designer’s flagship location on Red Square, the Wall Street Journal reported.

But tourists and ordinary Russians complained the edifice was blocking views of many landmark sites, while the Communist Party was outraged by its proximity to the tomb of revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin. Preservationists also complained, noting that Red Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“It’s ugly on Red Square,” said one Muscovite, adding: “The trunk hides too much, you can’t see anything.”

Following several days of media debate, the GUM store said Wednesday that it had asked Louis Vuitton to take down the pavilion.

“Considering the view of some of the public, and the fact that the pavilion’s size had surpassed the agreed parameters, we told Louis Vuitton about the need to immediately dismantle the pavilion,” GUM said on its website.

“I am ashamed of our country for putting a suitcase on its main square, this sacred area that should be protected by the state,” said Valery Rashkin, a Communist member of the State Duma, the lower parliament house. He called it an “eyesore.”

The protests appeared to work, for by late on Wednesday evening, a sign on a fence surrounding the structure said it was being dismantled – though the structure remained intact.

Despite straps on the pavilion in the colors of the Russian flag, the image of a Western luxury good only the richest can afford jarred with Putin’s appeals to patriotism in the face of what he calls foreign threats to Russian culture.

A great lesson for marketing world, Always respect the believes and culture of the country where you are campaigning.
Where the Louis Vuitton Trunk will be placed now, isn’t decided jet.


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