Pharrell’s interactive 24 hour music video of Happy

You’re probably up-to-date when it comes to the latest songs in the POPcharts.. ..but do you actually know the music video? There’s a big chance that you don’t.. So why not do things  differently? Pharrell took the first step by … Lees verder

parody Bound 3: GREAT PR STUNT

You must have seen the clip of Kanye West starring Kim Kardashian.. …The clip got some critical comments due to the surreal acting and special effects inspired by the ’80s.. ..Nevertheless James Franco & Seth Rogen got bored during the … Lees verder

iTunes + Justin Timberlake = listen free to 20/20 experience part 2

Justin Timberlake just prereleased its new album the 20/20 experience to listen for free on iTunes. After releasing the singles ” Take back the Night’ and ” TKO” the Timberlake fans can finally enjoy the new album ( and I … Lees verder

Rihanna’s documentary HALF OF ME: Budweiser’s new MADE FOR MUSIC campaign

Budweiser today releases “Half of Me”, a new short-form digital documentary with Rihanna The documentary is the next installment of the brand’s global “Made for Music” initiative, which celebrates the artists, makers and creators that leave an indelible mark on pop culture and the spirit … Lees verder

Beyoncé’s Inspired Cinderoncé; a classic fairytale with a diva Twist

If there is one guy who really understands music marketing…, …it is Toderick Hall. The youtube sensation that scored over 2.000.000 hits with his own Times Square Coca Cola Song, his parody of the Wizard of Ahhz and multiple flashmobs. … Lees verder