DITZO: Watch and support cancer research

Ditzo a health insurance company in the Netherlands was inspired by the recently (failed) PR stunt of Trijntje Oosterhuis.. …who was donating €1,-  to the philippines for every retweet of her post ( but because of an overload of retweets … Lees verder

C&A integrates realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores

Sometimes the opinions of others can be quite usefull, especially when you shop! C&A came up with a whole new concept visualizing the style of fashionista’s around the world by integrating realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores. A promising new concept. … Lees verder

Throw Back Thursday: Grey Poupon; The society of good taste

Due to the fact that it is throw back thursday again, this weeks recap is ” The society of good taste” facebook campaign that made Grey Poupon even more successful than back in the old days. The Key? EXCLUSIVITY While usually companies go for the … Lees verder