CHINEASY the new way of learning chinese by using images and design

While many business professionals agree that China is the future, handling the Chinese language is still a struggle for many foreigners.. Therefore Chineasy developed a whole new idea: using IMAGES.. A chinese character is as we know very complex, but … Lees verder

INSPIRING WEBINARS: TED talk Design for all 5 senses

Jinsop Lee is here at TED to ask a very important question: WHY IS SEX SO DAMN GOOD?? The audience laughs, but the playful designer is making a serious point. Great sex, and great design, is about the five senses and … Lees verder

NYC Spaghetti: where branding and design come together

Alex Creamer is proof of the fact that University projects can be quite successful! NYC Spaghetti is a brilliant combination of branding and design. On the bottom side of the box is a model of the Chrysler building that pushes … Lees verder