Buckle up to get down: Virgin America’s new Safety Video #VXSafetydance

  When your travel by plane there is always this boring moment called “the safety instructions“… ….the endless repetition of putting your seatbelt on and switch off any electronic device during take-off and landing.. You would say  been-there-done-that, but nothing … Lees verder

Tv Commercial – Believe in Magic & Sparkle: Marks & Spencer

With the holidays approaching Marks & Spencer embraces the xmas spirit. + with a bit of David Gandy and rosie huntington-whiteley thrown in I could say there’s lots of sparkle..

INSPIRING WEBINARS: TED talk Design for all 5 senses

Jinsop Lee is here at TED to ask a very important question: WHY IS SEX SO DAMN GOOD?? The audience laughs, but the playful designer is making a serious point. Great sex, and great design, is about the five senses and … Lees verder

Five-year old leukemia survivor takes San Francisco by storm as ‘Batkid’

The people of San Francisco turned out in their thousands to greet leukemia survivor, Miles Scott, in the guise of Batkid. The city looked on as the 5-year-old realized his wish to be Batman for a day battling mock crimes … Lees verder

C&A integrates realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores

Sometimes the opinions of others can be quite usefull, especially when you shop! C&A came up with a whole new concept visualizing the style of fashionista’s around the world by integrating realtime facebook likes in Brazilian stores. A promising new concept. … Lees verder

Throw Back Thursday: Hello Flo, celebrates the ” red badge of courage”

Today on Throw Back thursday probably the best commercial of 2013! Who says getting your period can’t be fun? Hello Flo managed to transform this “red badge of courage”  into the wet dream in advertising.. The key to success? A … Lees verder

CSR: Pepsi Bottle Light

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming more important every day. Instead of just making profit and market your products as efficient as possible, consumers nowadays expect multinationals to do much more: they expect something in return for the community. Pepsico took CSR … Lees verder