Phonebloks: the true SMART in smartphone


Why settle for less when you can have it all?
Why should you be forced to buy a pizza hawaii when you don’t even like pineapple?
I came across a fascinating concept recently that still keeps the smartphone in the guise we know it as today, but could revolutionize the entire smartphone industry when it will be put in production
It’s time to make our own pizza!!

It’s called Phonebloks.
Phonebloks works on the premise that everyone is different and has different needs from their smartphone too.
You can add extra storage to many smartphones now, but you can’t upgrade much else – certainly not the camera, processor or the screen. Instead of having a fixed specification, you can tailor-make your own phone using ‘bloks’ – individual modules such as cameras, processors and batteries – to suit your needs. Phonebloks also has the benefit of allowing you to easily replace broken modules with new ones.  Customization is the key and so it offers endless possibilities!

The idea is from Dave Hakkens a recently graduated Dutch design student who posted his idea on the web a few weeks a go and managed to get  over 2 million Youtube views. So the idea spread world wide and so did the interested companies. After some negotiations the word is out and Phonebloks will be working together with Motorola in finalizing the concept.  A great PR stunt and an even better start of a promising career for Dave Hakkens!

But that’s not all, Phonebloks and Motorola are challenging you to help them develop the Phoneblok to your needs.
Be a part of the community and improve the SMART in smartphone!
For more info and joining the online platform click HERE


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