Throw Back Thursday: Grey Poupon; The society of good taste


Due to the fact that it is throw back thursday again, this weeks recap is ” The society of good taste” facebook campaign that made Grey Poupon even more successful than back in the old days.

While usually companies go for the quantity of likes and lower their brand standards to gain more likes, Grey Poupon, when trying to modernize their brand identity, focused on the quality of their Facebook members and established a society of good taste standard.

So instead of begging for likes, Grey Poupon selected their likers by their score of refinement and by doing so they created an inner circle called ” the society of good taste”. 

The refinement score of the like applicant was based on an algorithm that screened your Facebook timeline for upperclass behavior like
Social Network ( quantity of facebook friends)
Cultural Escapades ( quality of check-ins)
Curiosities & Tastes ( your  likes & interests)
Linguistic Mastery ( propper use of grammar)

Only the top percent of likers was selected for the society of good taste, which resulted in 35.000 people being denied based on their questionable taste!
This phenomena was soon getting momentum when the New York Times and television shows such as Chelsea Lately started to argue about this elite selection which because of the media attention resulted in over 100.000.000 impressions in the media.  a true PR wonder!

remarkable is that just because Grey Poupon was known to be the most exclusive facebook page, the brands fanpage grew with 3000%

A perfect example of effective marketing?
What do you think?


to see a compilation of the campaign click the video below



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