Throw back Thursday: Disney’s Designers of Dreams


Today it’s throwback Thursday, time to embrace some fashion history.

Although my last posts where more about music and music marketing..
..It might be time to give one of the greatest marketing company’s of all time the credit they deserve.. They know how to build a brand, but more important, how to build a brand experience. I am most certain that ever since I was a little girl they (as cheesy as it sounds) influenced my dreams and believes by longing for some tiny bit of their (marketing) magic.  Ofcourse I am talking DISNEY.
Therefore, this thursday I would like to picture those charming masterminds behind the Disney curtain.
In January 2011 Dinseyland Paris celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Because of it’s huge success, they decided to extend the celebration period in 2013. But how to maintain a fairytale dream? The solution: Disney brought a new fashionshow to life  “Designers of Dreams” A cooperation with several designers all over the world to interpret their fairytales and capture it in fashion. A challenge, but with the help of the crème de la crème such as Lanvin and Olcay Gülsen that dream became a wish come true for all the little princes and Princesses around the world. And when Minnie Mouse wears a Tiara, You know you’re in the right place.

An inspiring, nostalgic and charming example of marketing as it should be. Because after all; ” A dream is a wish a heart makes, and marketing is what makes it become true”

Watch the fashion show by clicking on the video below.



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